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New Children’s Show Starring Gary Sturm!

Quiet Time Tales

“In a busy world, Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales provides the rare opportunity for kids to just sit still, relax and let their imaginations grow with the nourishment of a soothing voice telling an entertaining, educational story. I learned to love books listening to my Dad read to me back in Wequetequock, Connecticut, where I grew up. I highly recommend Grandpa Read and this terrific kids’ series, which I’ve ordered for my little niece.”

– Ruth Buzzi, actress, Golden Globe winner and five-time Emmy Award nominee (including her work on ‘Sesame Street’)

Quiet Time Tales!
“While my show, Hannah Montana (shameless plug), seems to be on almost constantly, there are a few half-hours during the day when they put on something else. I can’t think of a better way for kids to use their downtime than this delightful collection.”

– Steven Peterman, executive producer of “Hannah Montana”